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Black: Amourette 300 White: Love Spotlight Tee Shirt bra

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Recently, I was introduced to the brand Triumph Lingerie which is launching this fall 2015 in Nordstrom Ottawa! I have started wearing there beautiful and elegant bras and I must say, the quality is amazing and the beautiful lace adds the perfect amount of sexy chic. Now, I never used to care about what I wore underneath my outfits but after seeing the collection from Triumph Lingerie it changed everything for me! I literally feel so elegant in many ways than one when wearing either their Amourette bra which you can find here. I love how you can wear these lace bras in a t-shirt or a low cut shirt and it is okay for a little peak of the bra because they remind me of that bralette look.

Ladies, if you are looking for the perfect amount of support they have a wide selection of bras to choose from and colours as well! I just so happen to love a basic white and black colour for my bras but they have such a beautiful selection in colours such as eggplant purple, blue, pink.

You can shop my look here, and take a look at their instagram account here for more beautiful photos of their collection.
Also, their facebook page here will inform you more on when new collections are released.

The bras above that I am wearing:

Love Spotlight – T-shirt White bra

Amourette 300 – Black lace Bra

Forbidden Lace – White lace underwire

Poetic E – Lace bra – see through floral print

In partnership with Triumph Lingerie.

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