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Just when you thought Florence couldn’t be anymore beautiful from the scenery but where we stayed was even more amazing!

We were so happy to stay at the Grand Amore Hotel and Spa located close to the shopping section of Florence, Italy. The second we stepped out of our uber arriving at the hotel they welcomed us with open arms and let us know everything we needed to know about Florence. The team and service at Grand Amore Hotel is absolutely amazing, and I mean amazing because they made you feel like a princess. They were so cute and printed out my blog logo on notepads and printed out my photo and placed it in a frame. The amount of thought that went into our stay with Grand Amore Hotel still makes me speechless. Anytime we needed something we called room service and the concierge were so great and kind. Every night we came back to a tidy and organized room with dessert awaiting us to eat because it was so irresistibly delicious.

The first morning we ordered in room service and they set up the breakfast outside on our terrace which was so beautiful! The view alone was so nice and to top it off with delicious food was the best. I felt so lucky and blessed to have been able to spend three nights at that hotel and experience Italy the way I had always dreamed to.

Thanks so much again Grand Amore Hotel for being the absolute best.

You can book directly here if you are interested in having the best stay ever. ( no word of a lie )

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