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DSC_0720DSC_0661DSC_0701-2 DSC_0718 DSC_0703-2 DSC_0659After announcing my participation in the 30 Day Dessange challenge on instagram, I am so excited to talk about the results that Dessange has done for my coloured blonde hair! The products that I have been using are the Dessange California Blonde hair care line and I am so happy to show you below such great results.

I will first of all say that the Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner have been particularly my absolute favourite because it corrects the Brass Colour and helps brighten your blonde by keeping it shiny and soft. I often find that many conditioners due to colouring my hair so often never leaves my hair feeling smooth and not tangled but this Illuminating conditioner is a dream and works like magic for my hair leaving it smooth and nourished.

The product that I was really excited to use was the Brass Colour Correcting Cream with blue pigments because I often find my hair loses the toner and becomes brassy which can easily be fixed with this cream added to the ends of my hair which I find has the most brass. After using the cream I would then before blow drying my hair use the Illuminating Elixir which adds shine and seals my hair cuticles.

I hope that with the photos attached you can see my hair was able to keep the same blonde colour that I had on the very first day thirty days ago when I had my hair coloured at the salon. I will definitely be incorporating these products into my everyday morning routine.

For all the blonde readers out there, I feel that these products are worth a try if you are looking for a product to maintain brassy tones and not having to visit the salon as frequently! Also, if you are interested in using other products with Dessange they have a wide range of different products you can use for your hair.

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Stay Lovely,

Emily xx

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