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As you all know I was on a trip to Europe for two weeks and just got back recently!
I stayed at many beautiful hotels especially this one called Praktik Hotels which are found in Barcelona, Spain and Madrid. First of all, the whole vibe and feel of the hotel was so amazing and welcoming. They would greet you with smiles when you arrive. The rooms were so bright, chic and modern!
We stayed at the Praktik Bakery Hotel and the Praktik Vinoteca which are from the same chain just different locations and themes. The bakery theme was so cute because it had a bakery located right under our room which had the best pastries and bread!!

The Praktik Vinoteca was wine and cheese themed so it was so romantic and they had the cutest outdoor lounge area which I unfortunately could not photograph in time! My first impression of this hotel was clean, minimal and cozy and I cannot wait to go back to Barcelona!

When you have the best sleeps ever at a hotel you know your staying at the right one for you!

Below is the direct link where you can book where I stayed above.

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