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klm-02 A trip to London with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines easily turned into a dream trip because it started off so perfectly in flight to the second we landed in the UK. It is apparent that KLM knows how to treat every single guest on board with the utmost amount of respect and kindness as we all felt nothing but comfort and happiness.

I feel like a common question asked after arriving back from a trip is ” What was your most memorable experience on the trip?” I will reply saying that it was the second I got on the flight with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that they created an experience I will never forget.

When we landed in London the first day we were so jet lag that we had to take a nap and get all settled into our hotel at the Hoxton in Shoreditch which was such a cute trendy area. We decided to walk around and look for a place to eat some Italian food and luckily there were so many great places to go! It was so much fun exploring a new place for the first time, so in a way we let ourselves get lost and wander around a bit.

The next day, we went to Oxford street and shopped almost all day because it is such a large street full of stores we have never heard of in Canada! It was so much fun, we were so exhausted after getting back to the hotel that we ordered room service in a few nights out of the week because of all the walking done in the day. As an influencer it is so much fun connecting with other influencers online that we met up with three girls who I have been friends with for a few years now and finally we all got to meet up in person! We went to Notting Hill area which was so cute with pastel colourful houses and narrow streets.

Of course we did all of the tourist spots like visit the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Buckingham palace. The photos that we would see online of these places really could not compare after seeing it up close in person. Everything is just so beautiful in London and I really love how big it is because you can always go to a new area everyday if you wanted to so you really can’t get bored!

As the trip was coming to an end, my sister & I were so excited to board the two flights with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from London to Amsterdam then on another flight to Montreal. We love how organized and friendly everyone on board is the second you get on the flight. Even the ladies who check you in at the airport are so lovely & welcoming making you want nothing more than to fly with KLM again. I will always remember on the way from Amsterdam to London there was a male flight attendant who was the sweetest man and so kind and just happy to have us on board and making sure all of us are content and comfortable.

Moving forward I have so many more destinations in mind that I want to experience and travel to! It takes a trip like this with so much laughter, smiles and positive vibes that make you want to almost live out of a suitcase. You can make your dream trip happen now with KLM dream deals promotion until September 14th, check here:

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