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Memorial Day Weekend at Ruschmeyers Montauk

Hey Lovelies!

Just got back to the city from such a fun trip to Ruschmeyers Montauk for Memorial Day weekend! When we arrived the sun was just setting and the twinkly lights started to turn on which was dreamy. Our room was boho chic – and I loved the hammock swing in the corner. On the Saturday morning, they had a workout program which was awesome to start the day.

We ate dinner at the restaurant every night ( because the food is so yummy! ) it is served family style which was great since we had another couple with us for the weekend! The vibe at ruschmeyers is so calm and relaxing and then picks up in the afternoon when they have live music outside! The bands were so great and talented.

Memorial day weekend was so much fun – as it was my first time celebrating as I just recently moved to New York! Thank you ruschmeyers for making it so memorable!


Emily xo

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