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Moroccanoil for the perfect holiday hairstyles!

I love creating different hairstyles for every holiday event and party! Still can’t think of what to get that special someone? Hair products are the perfect gift for the holidays – EVERYONE loves them, especially the gorgeous blue Moroccanoil bottles! Moroccanoil is the perfect present for this holiday season because the product is amazing and the packaging is beautiful. You can view all the products listed here.

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Moroccanoil Perfect Defense:

For the holidays, it’s crucial to protect your hair from all the wear and tear that comes with trying different styles for every party. The Moroccanoil Perfect Defense spray provides both thermal damage protection for a weightless finish. This spray is super handy because it can protect against thermal damage on both damp hair or dry hair – very helpful if you just got a blow out and want to style it into different looks without re-washing. It can also be used with curling irons and flat irons for second-day touch ups to protect your hair as well. I love how easy it is to use and it smells amazing! For my look above, I used the perfect defense on second-day, dry hair before using my curling iron to create a few beach waves.

Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray: 
Before I create any messy bun braid look, I like to use the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray to create a textured, effortless, undone look. This spray is long lasting and helps achieve a no-slip texture, the secret ingredient to any good braid! I often put my hair in a half up section, spray the ends and then take down the top layer and spray it again around the back of my head. This product is my absolute favorite because it provides the perfect “undone” look whenever I curl my hair or make messy buns.


Moroccanoil Treatment:
Now for the BEST product. I always use the classic Moroccanoil Treatment my looks. This product contains argan oil, which is great for managing frizz, especially for braids, and make everything look smoother and pretty. I also use the treatment on my part to smooth down my baby fly aways as well. Personally, I use this treatment when my hair is damp, but you can use it on dry hair, too! I prefer to use it on wet hair because it makes my blowouts SO much faster. Not only does it create such a beautiful shine, it also smells amazing. I love wearing my hair in a messy updo for any event or party, and now that the holidays are coming up, this is the perfect hairstyle to wear with any dress or holiday look!


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