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Je T’aime Paris

For New Years I had the chance to go to Paris to celebrate another great year and for 2017 to be even more amazing! I went to Paris with Peter which easily turned into being the best trip i’ve ever been on. It was our first Europe trip together and was unforgettable! We flew in from Montreal with Air Transat as they just came out with this new direct flight which was so great ( I for once slept the entire way! ) The first night we stayed at Hotel Bachaumont which was in such a great location and walking distance from pretty much everything!

The rooms were so cute and the washroom was the cutest because it was very Parisian from the choice of tiles used and french doors. The second night we stayed at this beautiful Chateau in the countryside of paris at Peters friends. It was such a fun new years night full of food, drinks and amazing people! The third night we stayed at Grand Pigalle Hotel which also was so lovely – our room had a balcony with a great view! Our trip was short but was the absolute best, I think next time I would stay for 4 nights as it is quite a long trip but well worth every minute we spent there!


Hope to be back again soon!

Je T’aime Paris


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