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linen suit for the beach

This past weekend, Charlotte and I embarked on a FABULOUS trip to Tulum, Mexico. The trip was sponsored by Aerin, a global luxury lifestyle brand which carries amazing beauty products, accessories and home decor. We stayed at Hotel Esencia, a charming beachfront hotel that possesses many great amenities. Our room was surrounded by beautiful greenery and it felt as if we were walking through a forest when we stepped outside.

Throughout our stay, Charlotte and I enjoyed many wonderful meals; I am still daydreaming about the fresh guacamole. Not only was there good food, but fabulous company as well. We met a lot of nice, inspiring people which truly made for a memorable experience. Charlotte and I spent a lot of time on the beach and enjoyed some much-needed rest and relaxation. Our skin is sun-kissed and we are feeling quite rejuvenated. I would love to go back to Tulum in the near future! It is a beautiful place and there is so much to do there. Aside from relaxing on the beach, there are many great activities and sights to see. The town is charming and photogenic, which is a great perk when you are a blogger!

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