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Contemporary vibes at the Andaz Ottawa Hotel

I have been recently travelling from Ottawa to New York lately as you can all see through my photos and thought it would be the best time to check out the beautiful Andaz Ottawa Hotel that recently opened up a few months ago. As an influencer it is always great to be able to travel and experience hotel stays as they in exchange ask for a social mention on your platforms. I was so lucky to be able to build an amazing relationship with the Andaz Ottawa Hotel that they were so kind and amazing to let me stay here for many nights.

The moment I arrived to the hotel after a long day of travelling back to Ottawa it was a breath of fresh air. A lot may not know but I was living with my sister in the meantime before my big move! Andaz was so amazing to have me like it was a home away from home and I can only now talk about all of the lovely things I have experienced here so far!

The rooms that they have here are the ultimate contemporary chic, where they have copper details and marble accents which I absolutely love so much! This hotel fits my branding so well that it was a match made in heaven it feels like. The service of the hotel is nothing but amazing and friendly faces who greet you when you arrive and depart out of the hotel. I often called several times for little things I needed but to them they were always happy to accommodate without any complaints! The room details of the hotel and guest rooms is copper and modern. They worked with a designer closely to achieve each corner of detail and you can really tell when you look around.

I absolutely love how clean everything is here – as a brand new hotel it is the best feeling to walk into any room and just feel like it has never been touch even though it has – the house keeping here is just amazing! I had to work in the guest room for awhile one afternoon and he was cleaning my room, he didn’t miss a single detail and it was so impressive.

The restaurant that they have downstairs called Feast + Revel is so delicious, and I’m not just saying that – they literally have the best soup I’ve ever had to be honest. The chef who orchestrates this delicious restaurant is a genius because it is always presented so perfectly and tastes even better. Also, there is a lounge bar upstairs and its called copper, which I got to experience the other night with a few girlfriends – and yet again had another amazing experience with delicious drinks and snacks to eat.

Lastly, it was so great to be able to workout while my stay here and with convenience it was so lovely to have the gym upstairs and feel great while staying in the best hotel! All and all my experience at Andaz Ottawa has been so awesome and it has felt like home! That was one thing that is important to feel is that you are at home, and Andaz Ottawa achieved that so easily!

Cant wait to be back and enjoy this atmosphere again – till then I am off to New York for awhile and will miss Andaz Ottawa.

I hope you all get to experience Andaz Ottawa if you ever need to travel here,

Shoutout to Rachel Kerr for being the best at arranging this for me :)

You can book here:

Emily xx

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