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Embracing Change

Hi lovelies!

Today I started using the Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner naked volume. I have partnered with them to call attention to the changes happening in my life. This year I moved from Canada to New York and immediately I thought of having a change for myself by colouring my hair. I feel like living here it is always busy and I love putting my hair up in a bun.

Embracing my move to New York from Canada was emotional, exciting, frustrating at times but overall an amazing change. When I was packing my things to go to New York I couldn’t help but think of what leaving my family and moving into a new country would feel like. I remember the scary moments and the exciting moments but all were just new changes I learned to embrace. I feel like moving to a new country and to a fast pace city like New York has shaped me to be the person I am today, which is so interesting to see looking back at who I was a year ago in Canada. We all go through changes and sometimes for the better and for the worse but we can always find our way back to the better if its making that change you need in your life. I knew Canada was not going to help grow my career, and not create a loving relationship I am in now. Embracing the change created the opportunities I have today.

I always find that my hair has always played a huge role in my look and has changed with me as I’ve grown. I love being blonde although I am naturally brunette, blonde has always spoke to me. Hair makes you feel so confident no matter what others may think of it, its how it makes you feel! I always find it so interesting the different hairstyle changes I have throughout a single year, I will have my moments where I wear it up for months at a time or down and curly or even straight! I love looking back on photos and seeing what type of hairstyles I was having in my stages of life. I feel like with Hair it is always great to embrace change because it is one thing that you can change and if you don’t like it can always grow back to how you once loved it! I’ve partnered with Herbal Essences because life is about embracing changes, whether big or small.

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