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Photographer: Jimmy Cote

Tonight I went for a walk with my boyfriend, Jimmy and we came across a row of beautiful cherry blossom trees, we always bring our camera along just incase something catches our eye and this just did the trick! I dressed for a casual walk but with my boyfriends photography skills he can make anything look spectacular!

Im so proud of his improvement and skill with my photography for my blog and instagram, when we met three years ago we would take these blurry photos that were just taken because and never used. Now, with a nikon camera and a few lens to work with it has been so much fun having your boyfriend take photoshoots of me for the blog!

He always is down to take a photo of me whether it is 10am in the morning or 8pm at night! He never complains and always goes with the flow which is also the many reasons why I absolutely love and adore him.

Stay Lovely,

Emily xx

A few details:

RINGS: IO Collective


TANK: Forever 21



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