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I have had blonde hair for a few years, but as many of you may know, I am naturally brunette. Over time I have learned the ins and outs of keeping blonde hair bright, silky, and healthy. The first step in successfully achieving the right blonde look is finding the perfect salon and colorist. In the past I have gone to salons that used harsh bleach which completely damaged my hair. Following these experiences it always took a while for my hair to get back to its original, healthy state. I have luckily found an amazing colorist in New York whom I fully trust to perfect my color. Every month I go visit Madison, an amazing stylist who works at Spoke & Wheel at the SOHO location. Following my appointments with Madison, I take important aftercare steps to keep my hair blonde and bold.

There are many different blonde tones, and I personally prefer an ashy look. In order to maintain this color I wash my hair with AG sterling silver toning shampoo once per week. This helps to cut the yellow tones and keeps my hair looking salon-fresh for much longer. My hair also becomes a bit more dry and brittle after coloring it. As a result, I do my best to not over-wash it, as this allows my hair’s natural oils to keep it hydrated. I often use Oribe dry shampoo in between washes to keep it looking and smelling fresh. Another way I limit breakage is by using soft hair elastics or clips that do not pull on my hair. To limit grow-out I always get highlights instead of all-over color. This makes for a more natural sun-kissed look and allows me to pay less visits to the salon which is great for times when I am busy or traveling. 

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