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VSCO CAM: I use this app for all of my photos and I use A6 for usually every photo to keep everything consistent on my blog & instagram.


VSCO CAM: A6 is my go-to filter because it keeps my blonde hair bright and gives my skin colour a nice glow & tan I find! I usually use a 1/4 of the filter because all of it is too much I find and I still like a natural look. Once you have your filter than I would go into the vsco settings and play with the exposure.


LIGHTROOM: Can be used on your iphone and computer, I use the computer software because it gives you an option called Luminance which cuts all the noise from a blurry photo and makes everything look smooth ( I use this alot for my mirror photos because sometimes the lighting can get really dark! ) Also, luminance helps smooth out skin and creates a glowing matte look.


IPHONE EDIT: Right on your phone you can edit a photo in your photo roll where I often use the light palette and shadows edit to darken and enhance the darker areas in a photo.


IPHONE EDIT: This is what the light palette looks like on your phone and I always use the Black Point & brightness edit for my photos on here.


NO CROP APP: For those of you who ask what app I use for the sides of a photo to be identical to the original photo ( so you can have a square photo with a longer length picture ) this is the app you can use to getaway with no cropping of a photo that wont fit a square dimension.

Photographer: Jimmy Cote

Oh how I love a boyfriend fit button up, especially since this one is denim and has an unique back slit which looks great with a skinny pant. I am wearing head to toe sanctuary clothing which can be bought online HERE. I actually wear these white pants at least 3 times a week because they go with absolutely everything!

You can purchase these pants online:

Relaxed Peace Pant: HERE

As for how I edit my photos, if you can follow each step under each photo then I hope you can edit similar to how I do!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about lighting & exposure.

Stay Lovely,

Emily xx


  • Erica

    Hi Emily! Im a big fan of your style (and hats!). Thanks for your tips on photo editing. I was wondering how you blur the background of your photos?
    Thank You!

    June 27, 2015 at 2:49 am Reply

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