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Dennis is my hair stylist and is the owner as well! He has such a great eye for fine detail!


He always makes sure I have a lot of volume! He will blow dry my hair all to one side and forward.


Dennis cuts my hair dry & makes sure everything is cut very blunt! ( I love a blunt cut! )


Always love to mess it around myself after!


So much product to choose from! Only the best sellers for your hair to purchase!

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Hey lovelies! I have wanted to show you what the process is for getting my haircut looks like! Beauty and Sussex has been always my go-to hair salon in Ottawa Downtown East. They are located on 700 Sussex Dr across from chapters! They are located on a second floor and having windows all around from floor to ceiling is absolutely beautiful! Every time I go there to get pampered I am greeted by so many lovely faces and everyone who works there is so happy and friendly! I see Liane (colour tech) also has been my good friend for awhile now – she puts up with me and my blonde ways! She is amazing!!

Dennis is my hair stylist and is the owner/senior stylist on the floor, & I see Harriat who does the best manicures and eyebrow waxes in ottawa! I am sure of it – Overall, this salon is amazing and so beautiful. You really do feel like a princess every time you are there!

Who wouldn’t want to be treated like gold while getting pampered though!

Always love what Dennis does with my hair and never disappointed!

Salon: Beauty & Sussex

Stay Lovely!


  • Carol Michaud

    Hi there, Denis is also my stylist but unfortunately he has move on from Beauty on Sussex do you have the where about of where he styles now. I just got back from Italy and went for my haircut and he is no longer there and they won’t tell me where he is now.

    July 8, 2016 at 5:03 pm Reply

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